Why First Rule Investing?


Confidence to Enter The Market

As a coaching-based organization, we go beyond teaching and focus on personal guidance. With a steady hand and an eye on the horizon, you will be more confident than ever to enter the stock market, with us or on your own.


Clarity of Financial Markets

The certainty of your decision because at long last you know exactly what you are doing. No more jargon and complex ideas, just clarity and decision making, supported by our coaches. The only question you are trying to answer is, how much money am I really going to make.


Customized Coaching for Faster Results

Gone are the thick books and thin advice, our coaches are focused on getting you results from the First Rule of Investing, Never Lose Money. With that in mind, you can be sure you will be profitable, sooner rather than later.

First Rule Benefits


Guidance & Coaching beyond Lessons and Lectures

We are here to ensure results for your portfolio in the stock market, and since our success is measured only by the performance of your portfolio, we are committed to being your support throughout your journey from investment to profits.


Implementable Insights from Expert Reports Every Month

Companies are moved by their boardroom discussions, with our exclusive reports covering over 3000 US companies, you are positioned to make the most informed choices each time, every time.


Non-speculative & Intragenerational Investment Strategies

Wealth should be robust, and there is no better barometer for its steadfastness than an intragenerational perspective. At First Rule Investing, we believe that your wealth should and must outlast its creator. We adopt a non-speculative strategy to keep money working for you, decades on and never against you.

The first move in chess should not set your pawn up to be taken by the opponent.

Every dollar and cent that earned is the result of hard work. Everyone has a limited budget to place into an investment. Therefore, it is critical to set your priority right.

Our Strategy
Why the US Stock Market?

A market is a space where there are buyers and sellers. When there are more buyers than sellers or vice versa, there lie investments opportunities. In the economy today, the US stock markets (NYSE and NASDAQ) has the highest number of such relationships.

Compared to any other markets in the world. If you want a deal, you must be where most of the deal discussions are being held, and the NYSE and NASDAQ are the places to be.

Our Programmes.

Your First Step of Courage


Course name:

Investor Initiation Consultation (Complimentary)

1 session   |    Duration: 60 minutes   |    Session: Complimentary   

Journeys are made more meaningful by its destinations. Responsible investors must invest with the end in mind and the means in hand. Our coaches have crafted an hour worth of blueprints to help you discover what profile of investor are you and the soundness of your existing investment strategies.

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Course name:

Fundamental Analysis Programme


5 sessions   |    Duration: 60 minutes/session

Are you overwhelmed by the thickness of financial reports of the company that you are planning to invest in? Does the idea of going through mountains of data put you off from making your winning investment move? First Rule Investing has the perfect programme for you!

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Course name:

Investor Apprenticeship Programme


5 sessions   |    Duration: 90 minutes/session

There are many reasons why an investor would sell a stock, but there is only one reason they buy a stock, that is when they are confident that the price will go up.

Everyone has access to the stock market, but not everyone has access to the positions of titan investors. Just imagine how your odds of success will multiply just by owning the same stocks as Warran Buffett, Ken Fisher and Seth Klarman. This knowledge allows the average investor an incredible edge when he is thinking of investing in a stock or shares.

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Course name:

Value Investing Programme


10 sessions   |    Duration: 90 minutes/session

First coined by world renowned investor Warrant Buffett, Value Investing is the philosophy of targeting undervalued stocks with genuine and intrinsic value which has very strong potential for appreciation over time.

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Founder’s Message

Every day should be a FRI-Day (First Rule Investing – Day)

First Rule Investing was conceptualized with a single focus in mind, to produce investors who invest for the long-term, sustainably and non-speculatively. If an investor follows Warren Buffett’s First Rule of Investing, “Never Lose Money,” investing becomes manageable and accessible to all! This was the genesis of the spirit of “First Rule Investing.”

With that in mind, the founder, Mr. Keith Kok spearheaded coaching sessions to inspiring investors to make sure they do not lose any money during their entire investment journey, and First Rule Investing was born.

Other than your family, no one really cares more about your finances than you do. The only time where others care about your money is when they have an interest in it.
– Keith Kok, Founder of First Rule Investing

Where to invest in 2020?

Today, there are too many trading programmes out there that are preying on peoples’ greed. Most of these programmes do not demonstrate sound investment principles but purely theories that encourage a gambling mentality.

Believe me, it is not really about the few thousand dollars that you are paying to take up the course, but the tens over thousands of dollars that you will eventually lose because you thought you are applying the “right” trading strategies.

In First Rule Investing, our objective is to empower everyday investors to invest their hard-earned savings wisely. Our motto is “Never Lose Money”, to some it might appear impossible, but this motto is also shared by Warren Buffett. With the right mindset and application of investment principles, you too can make money without losing any.

Our vision is to groom intelligent stock investors, not speculative traders or gamblers. Our programmes are deeply rooted on the business fundamentals and in-line with value investing philosophy of Warren Buffett. Our coaching programmes are proven to help preserve investor’s capital while allowing them to realize returns every year.

If you too, like me, aspire to be an intelligent investor and do not believe that successful traders need to charge big bucks to coach others, contact us to find out how our coaching programmes can pivot your life for good.

Yours Sincerely,

Keith Kok

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